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twisp river grain & mill

twisp, wa


who we are

Twisp River Grain & Mill is a first-generation farm nestled on the eastern edge of the Cascade Mountains in northern Washington.  Neil and Kasey Gibb, proprietors, started TRG&M as a way to feed community while improving soil health.


Their fascination with small-scale regenerative agriculture led Neil and Kasey to want to farm in harmony with nature's principles.  TRG&M is a zero-till farm; we keep critical components of soil structure intact, and we mimic nature by integrating rotationally-grazed livestock on our planting fields. We don't use any synthetic inputs, but rather utilize cover-crops and animal manure for the benefit of soil health, and ultimately human health. 


Neil and Kasey Gibb specialize in growing unique grains, pastured eggs, and baking handcrafted sourdough bread.  Pastured eggs and frozen sourdough pizza dough are available at our roadside farm stand and select local grocers, and handcrafted sourdough bread can be found at the Methow Valley Farmers Market from April through October.   

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what we offer


pastured eggs

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sourdough bread


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