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pastured eggs

Pastured eggs have been found to be much more nutritious than their grocery store counterparts; high in omega-3s, and Vitamins A, D, and E, they are an incredible powerhouse food.  

At Twisp River Grain & Mill, we mimic the movement of animals in nature, rotating the area our hens forage in during the warmer months.  This grants them access to new grass, insects, and ground to scratch at, keeping them active and healthy, and resulting in a high-quality egg we're excited to offer.  When not in crops, our hens forage on our planting fields; here they help to keep weeds down, benefit from seed left behind after harvest, and leave behind manure to help build strong soil.

We currently feed our hens a blend of grain we've grown on our farm, organic grain purchased offsite, and lots of veggies and treats. We are working towards a "whole-farm" approach; we aim to feed our hens exclusively what we grow here, resulting in a true farm-to-table egg.  

Our eggs can be found at our roadside farm stand (spring 2022), located at 194 Twisp River Road in Twisp.  We will also offer them at the Methow Valley Farmers Market in Twisp from April through October.  Eggs can also be pre-ordered and picked up at either location.