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sourdough bread

Made with 100% wild yeast and northwest-grown grains, TRG&M Sourdough Bread is hand-crafted for a unique taste and well-tolerated product.  Fermented for up to 24 hours, sourdough bread is even often enjoyed by those with gluten-sensitivity.  Local and seasonal produce is added to the dough to offer a weekly "Market Special" combination; it is not uncommon to find local scape, rhubarb and candied ginger, and pear and cardamom infused into sourdough bread. Additional sourdough products offered by TRG&M include frozen pizza dough, baguettes, bagels, and sourdough starter.


Sourdough products are offered weekly at the Methow Valley Farmers Market in Twisp. Frozen sourdough pizza dough can also be found at select local grocers.