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pantry items

Twisp River Grain & Mill is working to add pantry items to its list of items produced in the Methow Valley. These will include grains grown for their flavor and uniqueness, as well as their ability to help build healthy soil.  

Our fist priority at TRG&M is to build strong soil, and with it comes healthy, nutrient-dense food.  As a zero-till farm, we utilize grains as both cover crops and food crops to prevent soil erosion, build organic matter, and to prevent water loss. Additional benefits to zero-tillage include utilizing up to 2/3 less fuel to achieve our yields, keeping carbon sequestered, allowing beneficial insects and microbes to remain intact in their respective soil horizon,  and allowing the critical nutrient pathway to not be interrupted. When soil remains intact we are able to build upon its strength, eventually leading to higher yields and a healthier agricultural ecosystem.


We never use synthetics on our fields; herbicides, traditionally a conventional answer to no-till farming, are avoided on our land through the use of cover-crop and animal integration strategies.   

We look forward to utilizing our grain in our sourdough bread products, to feed our laying hens, and to offer for sale for your winter pantry.  Look for our growing line of products at the Methow Valley Farmers Market, at our roadside farm stand (spring 2022),  and at select local grocers.